We couldn't have made it this far without these heroes!

Rhonda O’Neill via Facebook

There is comfort for those in need, knowing help is here.

Janet Rhodus of Launch Louisiana

Thank you for restoring hope!

Shanna Forstall

Thank you to the Cajun Relief Foundation for what you are doing for our community.

Mobilequbes via Facebook

What you are doing for those in need is a blessing.

Darlene Robinson via Facebook

I think you guys are doing a great job.

Denise Prokay Bourne via Facebook

Cajun Relief Foundation is here to stay!

Chris Pilie via Facebook

It does my heart good to see good people helping!

Nadine Sonnier via Facebook

Thank you Cajun Relief volunteers and thank you for the donation!

Cathy Mahaffey via Facebook

Thank you for all the work, you are heroes to so many!

Elaine Wilson via Facebook

Awesome group. Special people!!!

Kim Cameron via Facebook

Excellent organization with a true desire to help people in need. Thanks for your selfless service.

Sharon Bordelon via Facebook

Y'all are doing wonderful work for the people in our state!

Regina Solar Weydert via Facebook

What is Cajun Relief?

The Cajun Relief Foundation is a 501c3 organic and innovative citizen-led non-profit charity. Our mission is to create a new model for engagement everywhere, driven by good citizens using technology. Our motto is “When you’re hungry, there is no waste.” We are learning by scaling fast, adjusting on the fly, meeting specific needs and eliminating waste.

We might be Cajun but we are not just a Louisiana organization. We performed rescues and are rebuilding homes in SE Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We have been in Florida since two days before hurricane Irma struck and we currently remain engaged in south Florida and the Florida Keys. Cajun Relief continues to provide rebuild, supply, media coverage, ground and logistical support in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Our journey began after disasterous flooding ravaged Louisiana in 2016 and ever since then we’ve been helping our fellow citizens find innovative ways to bring relief to those who need it. Anywhere there are people that are hungry or in need, good citizens are hungry to help them and Cajun Relief Foundation wants to bring them together. Learn more here.


Connect with Partner Non-Profits


Engage & Train Relief Task Force


Visualize the Road to Recovery


See the Faces, Hear the Stories


Aggregate & Interpret Disaster Stats


Directly Meet Material Needs

Your contribution can make the difference in the future of citizen-led relief.