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A volunteer movement starts with ONE: 

One hour…   One day…   One week…   One month…   One year… 

Cajun Navy Foundation knows that every movement starts with ONE. This organization was built on the foundation of one concept: that good citizens, nonprofits and corporate America can work together to help families affected by disasters. It starts with one hand reaching out to give what it has to offer, no matter how minor that one thing may seem.

Each of us has something to offer, and one of the most valuable things you can give is your time. Cajun Navy Foundation has never needed volunteers more than it does today, with boots on the ground in high demand in North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. We also need staging, rally, drop-off and point of distribution sites. To have those necessities in place, we must first and foremost have volunteers to send out supplies, secure supplies and responsible volunteers to man those areas.

In support of the volunteer boots on the ground, CNF is seeking hospitality volunteers. Those who can offer lodging, or something as simple as a meal, shower or laundry service can make an immense difference in a volunteer’s day.

Behind every person working on the ground, there are at least another 10 volunteers needed behind the scenes. Dispatch volunteers ensure that assistance and supplies are sent quickly and efficiently to the locations where they are needed. The social media team gets the latest information about resources and requests out to the public.

A volunteer movement starts with one person dedicating one hour, one week, one day or one year. Please consider making a commitment to volunteer for:

  • One hour     In one hour, supplies can be delivered to a place that desperately needs them. A meal can be provided to a team on  the ground. Important updates about resources, supplies and current CNF news can be posted on social media.
  • One day    In one day, lodging or laundry services can make a difference for our boots on the ground. A few hours of the day can be devoted to manning a supply distribution site, serving on the dispatch team or to help with social media.
  • One month     Volunteers who donate a month of their time in areas affected by disasters can help with recovery efforts in a variety of ways. Whether working behind the scenes or on the ground, ongoing support is essential to getting  disaster victims back on their feet.
  • One year     During the year following a disaster, the recovery process is unique to every situation. Transitional housing may be needed, as well as navigation through insurance and FEMA paperwork. As families begin to rebuild and refurnish their homes, Cajun Navy Foundation citizen volunteers are there to walk with them every step of the way, one step at a time.

Cajun Navy Foundation needs your help. Your commitment will proclaim to a family who needs to hear it that they are not alone in their post-disaster journey.

One small act of kindness by a single good citizen has a way of touching another, creating a ripple effect. We challenge you to take one step towards helping a family that has been affected by a disaster. Instead of hesitating and standing still, each of us can take that one step. That one act of service is an investment that can start a movement that will carry us forward.

To find out how you can help start a volunteer movement, visit