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Michael is continuing to strengthen and has been upgraded to hurricane status. A life-threatening storm surge is expected along much of the coast of the Florida Panhandle, with the most severe flooding most likely occurring within the Big Bend. Mandatory evacuations are being issued for many Gulf County, Florida residents. As the storm approaches, Cajun Navy Foundation (CNF) is organizing its volunteers as they hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

CNF is encouraging all of you to prepare, as well. Whether you are a resident in the path of Hurricane Michael; or you want to send supplies, request supplies or volunteer to help others, please visit This citizen-led platform is being developed in conjunction with CNF, based on two and a half years of assisting with disaster relief efforts that include rescues and helping people at every stage of recovery.

Everyday citizen volunteers from all walks of life are needed in these areas: boots on the ground, supply and truckload logistics, distribution warehouses, citizen-led emergency operations communications and dispatch, public relations, as well as a meals program to feed volunteers and survivors.

Gloria Godwin, Team Leader of the CNF Social Media Team, first became acquainted with CNF when her home was destroyed on May 28 of last year as severe storms and two tornadoes passed through her area. Gloria and her husband had purchased an unfinished travel trailer (with a very leaky roof) for immediate shelter. While spending time there, Hurricane Harvey hit her state.

That’s when Gloria decided to fill out a volunteer form with Cajun Navy Foundation.

“For over a year now, as a full-time volunteer for Cajun Navy Foundation, I have continued to sit in the same rocker/recliner doing this thing I do, grateful that we are no longer in that unfinished, leaky travel trailer,” said Gloria. “Harvey was truly disastrous, but it enabled me to get my mind off of our own disaster, which was a blessing to me.”

Gloria, also known as RaynieDaze on Zello, added, “An important fact for everyone to remember is this: People come to our pages and groups to thank “Cajun Navy” for all we’ve done. Cajun Navy Foundation consists of volunteers from across the country. People like you! Our volunteers are what make Cajun Navy Foundation, Cajun Navy Foundation! Without volunteers, the Cajun Navy would not exist. Thank you, all our volunteers who are Cajun Navy!”