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Cajun Navy Foundation continues to provide disaster relief assistance wherever needed, but our mission can only be accomplished with the help of the many volunteers it takes to act quickly and efficiently to meet the wide array of needs.

CNF is currently seeking volunteers in both Dispatch and Social Media, with about five volunteers needed in each area. We are also in need of manpower.

CNF does more than provide help in times when circumstances seem out of control. By lending a listening ear to those in distress and being the hands and feet on the scene, CNF volunteers give people hope.

With so many homes that have been destroyed, they have to be mucked out – everything that is damaged must be removed. Most of the people are on a deadline with their insurance companies, and many do not have the means to do construction style work.

CNF Co-Director Shannon Savee is keenly aware of the urgent needs of the people of the Carolinas who have been affected by Hurricane Florence; and she is equally aware of the number of volunteers it takes to get them the assistance they need when they need it.

“It is heartbreaking,” said CNF Co-Director Shannon Savee. “I had a gentleman from New Jersey contact me directly. He said he lives there but his elderly dad, mom with back problems and his two autistic brothers and his nephews live in Wallace, NC. They will not be getting any assistance from FEMA or any other companies. They need manpower, and it has been heavy on my heart ever since I talked to him.”

Savee said that she updated the New Jersey man, telling him that she was reaching out to a few fraternities and sororities in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas to ask for teams of manpower. He was shocked when she asked if 10 to 15 people would be enough. He had been thinking more like five or six. A crew to help this family has been found, and they will soon be headed to Wallace.

A Cajun Navy Foundation volunteer’s days are filled with stories like these. If you would like to be a part of providing help and hope to your neighbors in need, click on the Volunteer link on this page.