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As the remnants of Hurricane Willa continue to fuel rain for Texas and the Gulf coast, Cajun Navy Foundation is preparing for flooding possibilities in parts of Texas. We are currently looking for volunteers, including boots on the ground (to be on standby at this time), as well as for evacuation shelters to be used for both human and animal rescue. Volunteers who are currently in the areas of interest on the Trinity River down from Livingston Dam are needed for standby.

Volunteer boots on the ground are needed in the following counties: Polk, Liberty, Chambers and San Jacinto.  Due to the dam being open and the river rising quickly, these areas may not have assistance as readily available as some other targeted areas that have teams already in place. 

While Cajun Navy Foundation hopes that there is no need for deployment, we would rather err on the side of caution. As preparations begin, volunteers who are currently in Florida and North Carolina will continue the work they are doing in the areas affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Although there is currently no active deployment in Texas at this time, those who are near the areas that may be affected and who would like to sign up to be on standby should go to to volunteer. After that, please go to the Zello channel, Cajun Navy Texas Flooding 2018, to let us know so we can get you vetted should deployment become necessary.

To sign up, get vetted and stand by to volunteer in Texas should visit