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Cajun Navy Foundation is moving forward to assist the people in the areas most affected by Hurricane Michael. This dedicated group of volunteers will not stand down when it comes to providing for those in need. Multiple challenges have come along, however. Lines of communication have been down in many areas, putting a damper on the usual workflow for everyone involved.

In order to meet the challenges at hand, CNF initially put out an all call for hands and equipment on Thursday, just after the disaster struck. Yesterday the focus shifted to organizing, approving and rallying volunteers. Now with hundreds of volunteers completing the process of being vetted, dispatch of tickets is taking top priority.

Citizen-led relief is underway, with a growing number of individuals and organizations pulling together to do whatever it takes to bring relief. For example, Cliff Sabo and Colton Dobbins, both with military backgrounds, loaded down their vehicles with more than $1,000 worth of supplies. They drove from Fort Walton into Panama City, and will also be heading to Wewahitchka and Mexico Beach assisting with welfare checks, MedEvac, MedEval and other critical needs.

Additionally, “Mom in a Minivan” (as she is known on Zello) drove from the same area with a minivan full of food, drinks and other supplies for Cajun Navy Foundation’s boots on the ground. She is simply a soccer mom who wants to feed our people so that they can go out and assist the ones who need it the most.

CNF has also joined forces with a private group that includes one or two representatives from each Cajun Navy organization. They all share supplies, equipment and other assets as needed.

Just like these good citizens, each one of us can step out in faith and start wherever we are. None of us can do it all, but we can all contribute something to help someone who desperately needs it.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to support Cajun Relief Foundation, please visit