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Billie Dase and her husband, Mike, signed up to volunteer with Cajun Navy Foundation following Hurricane Michael. They made their first trip from their home in the small town of Brewton, Alabama. The couple set out to deliver supplies that they had purchased themselves. Several hours later, they arrived in Wewahitchka, Florida.

Billie felt a special connection when she realized how much it resembled her hometown – everything except for the downed trees, debris and extensively damaged homes they encountered. She had gone in to help the residents of Wewahitchka, but had no idea that she was about to become part of an extended family.

“I saw the devastation to this town, and the people trapped in their houses,” Billie remembered. “We were cutting out trees and debris, and trying to get supplies to the people; and there were all the hungry babies that needed formula who were screaming and crying.”

Billie left there in tears that first night. She dispatched back in, saying, “Wewahitchka needs us. I’m going back in. Can you guys get me a crew?'”

Cajun Navy Foundation got her the crew she requested. Billie Dase and her team, Cajun Navy Foundation USA Team Wewahitchka, have been traveling the six to eight-hour round trip drive to assist the people of Wewahitchka for the last 17 days. During that time, they have taken numerous trees out of and off of people’s houses, tarped the houses and delivered  supplies. They have worked tirelessly to get food and other necessities to the people that live miles off of the main road, unable to get into town. Today they also delivered 200 blankets to linemen working in the area.

While Billie and her team are doing everything they can for the people of Wewahitchka, more help is needed. Billie estimates that three fourths of the people there are still without power and water. For them, the aftermath of Hurricane Michael is far from over.

“There’s a lot more that’s still needed,” said Billie. “We need more volunteers. We need more donations. We are still always in need of non-perishable foods, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products and equipment to be able to do what we do. There is still so much, and we are trying really hard to keep everybody’s morale up. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through.”

Billie added, “We’re in there, and we’re helping them. I could not leave these people behind. There have been people helping in Panama City and Port St. Joe. It’s these little towns that also got slammed that people aren’t thinking about. We’ve been in here since two days after Hurricane Michael, and we’re not going to stop helping them out until they are back up and running.”

Cajun Navy Foundation welcomes those who are able to volunteer for only an hour, a day or a week. An extra pair of hands can multiply what can be accomplished in a day. To volunteer, donate or send supplies, visit