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Shane Callcut’s first experience with disaster was with Hurricane Katrina, when he volunteered to go down and help with cleanup and hand out supplies.

“It’s an experience I will never forget, the sights, sounds, smells,”Callcut began. “You can’t forget it. Then several disasters later, I began helping in the background. In 2011, I became a disaster survivor myself when we were flooded out and had nothing but the clothes on our backs. We went to work, and came home to nothing. After that, following the Joplin tornado, I started volunteering more locally to me, and it’s been an amazing experience ever since. This is my calling – this is what I do.”

Shane first came on board with Cajun Navy Foundation during Hurricane Florence, and it carried over into the next disaster, Michael. He is currently a moderator on CNF’s Zello channel. As a moderator, he fields questions and concerns while keeping the room free of spam and open to everyone in need of help. Shane offers a calm voice and gives direction to those seeking assistance.

During the days following Hurricane Michael, Shane stayed very busy as a moderator. On one particular day, he had already been working 12 hours, and was still counting. He described his day as a bit chaotic, with so many volunteers needing vetting, others bringing supplies and many coming to be boots on the ground. In addition, there is always administrative work to be done. His job as moderator is a challenge, but a CNF volunteer like Shane wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shane believes that the correct response to someone sharing a problem is not, “Everything’s going to be ok.” The correct response is, “I’m sorry. What can I do to help?”

In a recent Facebook post, Shane wrote, “Cajun Navy Foundation has had several thousand volunteers sign up to serve with us in the past 2 months. That speaks for itself about why we are one the best organizations out there when it comes to disaster relief. We are everyday citizens saving lives and providing the relief resources necessary for those affected. From Disaster to Rebuild, we are there. We won’t stand down.”

To learn more about how you can help, visit Cajun Navy Foundation’s Hurricane Michael Resources page at