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Natalie Buchholz has been known by several names by the volunteers at Cajun Navy Foundation. Whether you recognize her as Mom in a Minivan or as the Fruit Lady, you can find her collecting and distributing donations to Panama City and the surrounding areas. She describes herself as British by blood and American by heart; not to mention mom, wife, comedian, free-spirited daily poster on social media and photographer. 

“It started off with me delivering supplies to those in need and my main supply was fresh fruit; which is how I became known as the Fruit Lady,” said Natalie. “I recently became a full member of the family and became their staff photographer.”

Knowing that the families in those devastated areas are still in need of help, Natalie is planning another trip to the Panama City area on November 16. It will the last trip she is able to make until later in December.  She is asking for donations for the trip, and she needs everyone’s help to fill her minivan with as much fresh fruit as possible. You can deliver donations directly to Natalie at her home, or you can make a donation to the link she has posted on her Facebook page. She plans to pick up a large order of fruit on November 15 with the contributions.

“I refuse to allow people to forget about Panama City,” Natalie insisted. “Just because you don’t see it on the news anymore doesn’t mean that people over there are not still struggling. I can’t do this alone, though. I need the community’s help to keep this going. I don’t want to give up on my little towns by Panama City just yet. I promised I’d see this through until I couldn’t anymore. Even one dollar helps.”

If you would like to volunteer with Cajun Navy Foundation, visit To help Natalie provide fruit and other needs to the areas affected by Hurricane Michael, please visit her Facebook page for the link.