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Cajun Navy Foundation’s Billie Dase and USA Team Wewahitchka are thankful for another successful day in Wewahitchka and Dalkeith yesterday. Peachtree Presbyterian Church from Atlanta, Georgia and Ace Hardware in Wewahitchka donated some much needed supplies.

Billie and her team will be headed to Callaway this morning to work on a house, and then they plan to arrive in Wewahitchka at 3:00 p.m. Today is a big day for the kids living in the small town, and they will not be disappointed. Billie spent all day Sunday, her day off, organizing everything to make Halloween night a night of fun for the children of Wewa. 

From 5:00 until 7:00 pm tonight, Wewahitchka is going to shut down Second Street. Tables will line the street, and the children of Wewahitchka will be able to walk up and down to trick or treat. Bille and her team, along with others, will be there to pass out candy to the kids. With so much debris and damage still in the area, it would be too dangerous for the children to walk up to people’s houses. This way, the kids can still have Halloween – and just a little piece of childhood normalcy.

In the recovery stages of a natural disaster, some might argue that candy isn’t a necessity. Billie believes that while the candy may not be necessary, what is important is providing the children with a little diversion and bringing smiles to their saddened faces. With everything that they and their families have lost, it will serve as a reminder that they have not been forgotten.

“I understand that candy is not a necessity, but these people have been through a natural disaster,” said Billie. “The way we look at it is this is a morale boost for these kids. Not only have the adults been affected by Hurricane MIchael, but these kids have been affected, as well.”

Billie said that she and her team would like to give the children of Wewahitchka every holiday that they can give them. Their motivation comes from seeing the kids every day, the looks on their faces and the sadness in their eyes because of the things that they have lost.

“I cannot wait until Wednesday night comes to see their reaction to actually get to have a Halloween. They will be able to dress up, and it’s going to be a night when everybody is going to be smiling. Nobody is going to have to worry, and everyone is going to be happy – even if just for a couple of hours. If we can take their mind off of everything they have been through for just a little while, it will be worth it. The children of Wewahitchka need this.”

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