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Nearly a month after Hurricane Michael, Cajun Navy Foundation USA Team Wewahitchka is still on the ground cutting trees off of houses, tarping roofs and doing everything they can to help Florida residents in need. Yesterday, Billie Dase and her team partnered with another CNF team, a three-man group from Georgia, to remove two large trees from a house in Fountain, Florida. Once the trees were taken care of, the volunteers tarped the leaking roof to avoid further damage to the man’s home.

The homeowner, Mr. Tony, is disabled. Since he did not have homeowner’s insurance and has not been able to receive other assistance, he is grateful for the help he is receiving from CNF citizen volunteers.

During a live video, Mr. Tony told Billie what Cajun Navy Foundation’s help meant to him.

“This is a blessing. It’s wonderful. This is a great bunch of folks right here,” said Mr. Tony.

Billie and her team have been assisting as boots on the ground in the area, mainly in Wewahitchka, since Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle. The volunteers drive nearly four hours every morning and then drive back home each night. They have been making the trip daily for almost a month.

“We are all just volunteers out here, volunteering to help people,” said Billie. “This is what we do – rain, shine, hot, cold, it doesn’t matter. Mr. Tony is so happy to have us out here. It’s such a major blessing because he wouldn’t be able to have this done if it wasn’t for us being here. This is just an example of what we do every day. Just because we are USA Team Wewahitchka doesn’t mean we don’t go out of our way to help other areas. We help everyone in need.”

Billie is thankful for the support she has continued to receive from those who have donated, to the dispatchers and all of the CNF volunteers.

“We can’t do it without the people in the background, and we can’t do it without donations. The donations provide the equipment we need so that we can continue doing what we are doing. Every dollar counts, whether it’s $1, $5, $25 or whatever you can do. We need safety harnesses, gas, bar oil, fuel and we need new chains for the saws. We need a lot of things, but we always figure out a way to do it the best that we can to help these people. This could have been me, or this could have been any one of you. These people still need our help,” said Billie.

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