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For citizens who would like to gain a better understanding of what Cajun Navy Foundation is up to, the organization’s rescue and recovery communications among dispatchers, boots on the ground and other volunteers can now be heard live on Zello via YouTube.

Cajun Navy Foundation has worked tirelessly to create innovative ways to help citizens bring an integrated system of relief to those who need it. The organization’s volunteers are known for their ability to approach every situation with versatility, as well as for their willingness to collaborate for a common goal. They recognize that wherever there are people in need, good citizens who want to help are never far behind. Cajun Navy Foundation wants to bring them together.

CNF knows that by connecting motivated citizens who use technology, social media and the Internet, we can accomplish great things. One way we put that into action is by communicating with Zello. Using technology as the driving force behind intercommunication in times of distress, the “walkie-talkie” app allows Cajun Navy Foundation dispatchers, on-the-ground volunteers and others to work quickly and efficiently to solve problems.

The Zello app is used by CNF volunteers as it works on WiFi or with any cellular data service. It can be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs, as well. With a network of 120 million users, it’s easy to find a local connection quickly and easily. The app is dependable even when cellular connectivity is bad, and phone calls and other apps might not work well.

To listen to Cajun Navy Foundation’s Zello Rescue & Recovery Communications Live on YouTube, visit:

To learn how you can help, visit