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The Cajun Relief Foundation empowers citizens to connect with each other, gather data and collaborate to meet needs. We are creating a citizen ecosystem that promises to disrupt the old model of top down command and control relief. The platform we’re developing not only meets the needs of citizens during a disaster but meets the needs of anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

During the flooding, the team behind the Cajun Relief Foundation used their social media and Internet experience to work through Facebook to connect citizens who wanted to help with those in need. The Cajun Navy boaters we connected with victims were asked to work alongside local authorities to save lives. By working within the guidelines established by authorities, the Cajun Navy members on the Facebook group were allowed by the authorities to put their boats into the flood waters.

This collaboration between authorities and citizens saved thousands of lives in the rapidly rising waters and proved that citizens acting out of concern for their neighbors could be just as effective at rescue and relief as established top down organizations. As Garret Graves recently pointed out, the government needs to be Cajunized.

floodtastrophy-copy1One key point is that the citizen-organized Cajun Navy required $0 outside money because people were acting out of true concern for neighbors, friends and family. Established relief organizations are manned by good people but they require large amounts of dollars because of their logistical infrastructures. The Cajun Relief Foundation doesn’t need the same kind of financial overhead because we are leveraging existing people, networks and resources so there is virtually no logistical expenses. Instead, we help citizens by using technologies that empower neighbors to help neighbors with their own resources.

It’s Time For Something New
The scale of the disaster and the success of the Cajun Navy exposed the abysmal failure of top down remote organizations and sometimes our own governments. They simply couldn’t hide their ineptness because the needs were so great. So citizens stepped up and the Cajun Navy was born.

It’s time to evolve. We are revolutionizing disaster response by giving power to the people. There is a better way, it’s called Cajun Relief. Cajun Relief empowers people with real-timefloodtastrophy-copy actionable data so we can simply help each other. The Cajun Relief Foundation is working on merging citizen-led giving with technology that promises to disrupt how lives are saved and how daily needs are met in the future.

We live in a 21st century world where citizens are highly motivated, well connected and more capable, why shouldn’t citizens be empowered to simply meet each other’s rescue and relief need more directly? Cajun Relief Foundation is here to make that happen.

Visit the Cajun Relief offices located in Baton Rouge at 5557 Government Street to learn more or call us at 231-742-8338. You can also donate now to help!