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Cajun Relief Foundation was recently asked by WVLA Local 33 News, WGMB Fox 44 & to partner with and organize the station’s Founder’s Day activities on June 17th. The Nextstar Broadcasting uses Founder’s Day to give back to the community. Anthony Sanchez from the stations reached out to Cajun Relief, a leader in raising flood awareness, encouraging collaboration between organizations to restore the lives of those affected by the flood.  Connectors and innovators, Cajun Relief recognized the capacity for a huge group of willing volunteers to have a lasting impact and quickly set about enlisting the help of other organizations in the community.

Recently, Cajun Relief brought in SolaRebuild, a collaboration of local non-profits under the direction of Christina Drake, to see how everyone could come together. The goal of the collaborative effort is to have the greatest impact with volunteers provided by the local Fox affiliate’s Founder’s Day of Giving. The amount of collaboration coming together is impressive. To date, the following organizations, 10 in all, are committed to helping us with the station’s Founder’s Day are pictured below:

Presbytery of South Louisiana

All Hands Volunteers

Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge

Louisiana Flood Love

Fuller Center of Housing Disaster Rebuilders

New Covenant Church

NOLA Tree Project

Laurent Project

Cajun Relief Foundation

We have also received word that more organizations are interested in helping with this effort.  Because of the number of groups now involved and the number of volunteers participating, multiple homes will benefit from this day of giving back. Collaborating with multiple groups and volunteers allows whole neighborhoods to be served at once and creates efficiencies in the recovery process.  This is the true spirit of Louisiana.  The task of recovery is overwhelming and no one organization is equipped to tackle it alone. Cajun Relief Co-Founder, Melissa Adair said, “Our goal is to raise awareness of the scale of this disaster.  No single organization can handle all that is before us.  All organizations engaged in this work of flood recovery must collaborate.  Our goal is one in the same.”

DONATE to the Cajun Relief Foundation if you’d like to see our efforts expanded as we continue to move the work forward.  Your help is greatly appreciated and any level of giving will make a difference in the lives of those we serve.