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Cajun Relief is excited to announce a partnership with Recovery Houston, a grassroots organization of people helping people get back into their homes in the wake of hurricane Harvey.  Cajun relief will be working alongside them to support and bring awareness to their boots on the ground efforts.  They have helped over 300 families to date with mucking and gutting and are now transitioning into a rebuild organization.  On this #GivingTuesday they have launched their “Home for the Holidays” campaign to raise funds for the necessary building materials to restore affected homes.

As they move into the rebuild phase, they will be integrating new technologies to aid in replacing items families have lost with the software platform, CrowdRelief.  CrowdRelief has numerous applications that allow citizens to lend a hand to those in need, save time and money rebuilding with personalized solutions and a case management tool that measures progress on a collaborative recovery platform. Cajun Relief has been instrumental in piloting and testing this platform, as it will no doubt revolutionize the future of disaster recovery.  Recovery Houston is excited to use this platform for the increased efficiency and speed it will afford them as they move forward with their rebuilding efforts.

Cajun Relief has worked very hard over the last year to support our partners in the non-profit community through technology and innovation while also engaging in boots on the ground service opportunities. We’ve  brought enormous value to the communities and organizations with whom we’ve partnered. We’re excited for the progress we’ve made in aiding relief efforts in Houston, South Florida and Puerto Rico and plan to continue learning and innovating through citizen-led relief.

Thank you for your generous donations and your compassionate and caring nature.  Together, we will take care of our neighbors and deliver more efficient relief.

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