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cajunsantaRob Gaudet founder of the Cajun Relief Foundation and Shanna Forrestall with Launch Louisiana have teamed up to create a Christmas campaign mashup from local non-profits, the giving campaign is called Cajun Santa Christmas. The duo wanted to create an easy way for anyone to give to one of the dozens of local non-profits that has been established to help Louisiana Flood Victims.

“We hope this list of the campaigns from local charities makes it really easy for anyone to give to a family affected by the 2016 Louisiana Floods” says Rob Gaudet.

Shanna agrees… “A person can find something they are passionate about, like helping a family rebuild by donating sheet rock or maybe they want to help keep a family warm by donating a coat.” she said.

At the moment there are nearly a dozen ways to give and more are being added every day. Non-profits that have campaigns for Louisiana flood victims are invited to submit their campaigns for approval to be added.

The Cajun Santa Christmas Campaign allows humanitarians worldwide to play “Cajun Santa” by choosing to donate cash or resources, holiday shop for a cause, or to volunteer to come to the state to help families rebuilding. Make the Christmas season a little more enjoyable for a Louisiana flood family in need by finding a non-profit campaign to support. Click here to participate.