The Crowd Relief platform has been selected to appear at the New Orleans Startup Collision Conference coming up in May. During a phone interview with the startup selection committee, CRF Founder Rob Gaudet received news that the citizen-led relief application had been accepted for ALPHA, a select program that offers exhibition booths to high-potential startups at the event.

During the selection process, conference organizer Collision says it communicated with nearly 87,000 startups with nearly 3,000 of that number anticipated to appear at the conference. The unveiling of Crowd Relief’s digital product will take place amidst three days of networking, learning and sharing ideas at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center from May 2-4. Established tech giants like Google and Facebook have participated in the conference along with more recent success stories like Uber and AirBnB.

The conference will give the Cajun Relief Foundation a unique opportunity to demo a beta version of the Crowd Relief application to potential investors, other tech startups and 10s of 1,000s of conference attendees. Visitors to the Crowd Relief booth will get a first glimpse of the future of citizen-led disaster relief ahead of the application’s initial full release later in May.

If you’re interested in checking out the event and dropping by to say hi to the Crowd Relief team, tickets and further registration details are available at Collision Conference’s website.