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Cajun Navy Foundation citizen volunteers continue to coordinate efforts to rescue victims of Hurricane Michael in Florida and in Georgia. Boots have been on the ground throughout the day working to reunite family members, some who have been unable to connect because there are no lines of communication and debris has made travel extremely difficult. Two adults with a five-year-old child who CNF had not been able to get in contact with since the beginning of the storm have been located this afternoon, and are safe and well. Another man who had been trapped at home in his closet has also been rescued. .

Crews are traveling from all over to assist in the affected areas. Some are in the process of being dispatched to perform rescues and provide resources such as food, water, baby formula and supplies in and around Albany, Georgia. People in the area have reported that residents are unable to leave town because of the debris on the highways. Other wellness checks are being closed, such as one family who was thankfully found safe and cleaning up fallen trees. Another elderly couple whose grandson was looking for them has been found unharmed, as well.

To help provide for the many people without food, CNF recently received word that World Central Kitchen, a team of volunteer chefs, is on its way to Bay EOC to set up and cook for the masses. Other volunteer crews are being mobilized to help provide medical supplies in areas of need. Salvation Army is also setting up mobile kitchens in Mexico Beach and Panama City Beach.

Hundreds of new volunteers at CNF are being vetted to help in a variety of ways, and new dispatchers are in the process of being trained. Anyone who wants to volunteer in some way or donate supplies must first visit to complete a volunteer form. The same process is necessary for those who would like to request assistance or supplies.