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As the destructive and deadly fires continue to rage across California, Cajun Navy Foundation volunteers are working to establish lists of shelters and donation drop sites. They are continually gathering and confirming information, updating the resources map as the fires pass through certain areas. As information comes in and as allowed by emergency officials, volunteer citizens will swarm the areas to provide assistance to those in need.

Cajun Navy Foundation Co-Director Shannon Savee recently spoke with Oroville, California Mayor Linda Dahlmeier. Dahlmeier indicated that there is no official Emergency Operations Center in the small unincorporated community. While cell towers are currently down in the area, Dahlmeier hopes to get the phone and Internet back up and running as quickly as possible.

“She actually asked me to help her set up a phone bank for the municipal auditorium, which is where they are setting up all of their supplies,” said Savee. “It’s almost like Hurricane Michael all over again, but with fire instead of wind.”

Cajun Navy Foundation volunteers are all too familiar with the elements of water, wind and earth, they are now heading into the unchartered territory of fire.

Brian Antisdel and Team Michigan started with CNF during Hurricane Florence, and have since gone into Mexico Beach following Hurricane Michael. With the area being under martial law with a recovery situation, few people were allowed in. Cajun Navy Foundation’s Michigan team is set to leave out Friday to head one hour north of Sacramento, California for search and rescue.

“Brian and Jerry are highly qualified and highly skilled – and they want to go. From what I understand, they are going to be helping with animal rescues and animal recovery. They will probably end up doing more because that is what they have done with the two storms, said Savee.

In a Facebook post, Antisdel wrote, “The dogs are ready, the team is assembled and the Mayor of Oroville is awaiting our arrival. We will setup a command center and dig right in. We have contact with EOC and the military for safe passage to the front lines, like Florida. It’s an honor to represent my family, our city, our state and The Cajun Navy Foundation. Jerry Reeves and Michigan Team Cajun Navy Foundation, Godspeed… this will be the toughest mission yet.’

If you would like to donate gas money, lodging or send relief items, please send funds to Team Michigan’s PayPal:

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