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This is a Facebook post Marilyn Schmill of the Southeastern Louisiana Boots on the Ground who wrote this passage to and was kind enough to let us share on our blog. Katie Ostarly, who founded the Southeastern Boots on the Ground, and is a lifestyle photographer based in Covington, LA took the emotional photos we were able to create a collage with.
Our team met Marilyn the weekend prior when we helped muck out a house in Maurepas. The spirit of this woman is unmatched.

Good morning all,
I want to share a story with you and it may become lengthy but please read it all.

Can you imagine back in the day when you fell in love and the two of you writing love letters to each other. Back then it was romantic sending love letters to the love of your life.

Then, you marry her and have beautiful kids and then grandkids. All the memories of growing old together as it should. Then, something awful happens the doctor tells you that your wife has cancer.

Thinking maybe things will be alright and after all the treatments she passes away and all the memories of growing old together are gone and your left with this emptiness inside that you can’t seam to fill. Somehow you keep going and something else happens. Your daughter is diagnosed with breast cancer and if that wasn’t enough Mother Nature rushes through and you have 12 ft of water in your home . You’re thinking, “how much more?” because you can’t take much more heartache. NOW, your kids all live out of state and your daughter is going through treatments for her cancer.

Then, your neighbor of many years that you shared your life with is diagnosed with cancer as well.
You think that enough is enough and, “how much more can I take?”

The Louisiana Cajun Navy gives Southeastern Boots on the Ground the home to start gutting so that he might be able to rebuild.

As we are pulling things out and removing soaking wet items, one of the volunteers found the letters they wrote back and forth back in the day. I took a tarp and laid it on the ground to let dry. We brought a few more pictures and memories of his wife and lay them on the tarp.

Then, a volunteer finds his wife’s pictures he thought were gone forever. We all stood around in shock because everything in that house was soaked and molded except those 2 framed pictures of his wife that not even a drop of water fell on them.

And through everything he went through he said, “God Is Good.” That’s why Mr. Steve was on his knees looking down crying at his prize possession; his wife’s picture. What a miracle. They say the Lord works in mysterious ways. At that moment in time, I think it gave him strength to accept things that can’t be change and that’s why we are there to give him the strength to move on to the next phase of rebuilding.

That is just one story but there are many more that’s why we need volunteers to help people like Mr. Steve move on to the next phase of life rebuilding.

We will try our best to get the needed material to help Mr. Steve and others like him rebuild. Although we don’t take cash money you can send us a Low’es or Home Depot gift card. But even if you can’t do that then please be a volunteer we still have many more houses to do and can use all the help we can get. There is one more way to give look around and if you have left over lumber and want to donate text me I will pick it up.

Thank You Very Much.