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Cajun Navy Foundation is always looking for innovative ways to connect good citizens for the purpose of bringing disaster relief to those in need. Our Zello channels are one critical way we keep the lines of communication open; not only in times of distress, but also in preparation for the disasters that will inevitably come. The “walkie-talkie” app allows CNF dispatchers, on-the-ground volunteers and community members to work quickly and efficiently to share information, plan ahead and solve problems.

CNF’s Zello channels have been carefully named to reflect their individual purposes, and to make them easy to find when searching in the app. Each of the names is approved by CNF Founder and Director Rob Gaudet before being put into use. The app also ties the CrowdRelief channel back to the disasters directly.

The Zello channels created by CNF become the central command for daily operations during and after a disaster. They are also used to coordinate new volunteers, incoming donations and supply and rescue requests. Dispatchers utilize the channels to communicate information about shelters and other specific needs, as well.

CNF Zello Communications Director Shane Calcutt, aka Bigfoot on Zello, explained, “The CrowdRelief Zello channel is our main hub or home base. This is the channel that all future disaster-specific channels will be created from. If the engagement falls off on the disaster channels, the main hub is where engagement needs to continue.”

CNF has been your number one trending channel on Zello for the last 2 and 1/2 months, since hurricane Florence. please check out the links, provided below.

CrowdRelief Zello Channel

This channel is Cajun Navy Foundation’s hub on Zello. Its primary purpose is to be a point of contact for people in need of rescue, and to call out for needs that include supplies, volunteers and distribution sites. The dispatchers use the channel to stay in touch with boots on the ground, and it is also a way to connect with everyday citizens who drop in.

CrowdRelief California Wildfires Zello Channel

The California Wildfires channel provides a way for dispatchers to communicate with those in California in need of assistance, as well as to request supplies, share information and call for volunteers.

Cajun Navy Hurricane Michael Zello Channel

This Zello channel is for dispatchers to be a point of contact for the people in the Florida Panhandle who were affected by Hurricane Michael. Requests for information about supplies, assistance and calls for boots on the ground volunteers are common topics of interest on this channel.

Cajun Navy – Hurricane Florence Channel 

The Hurricane Florence channel is still very much alive and active, as volunteer boots on the ground are a great need in North Carolina. After many homes were flooded by the storm, recovery for the people affected will be a long process.

Learn how to download the Zello app by visiting:

If you would like to join a community of neighbors helping neighbors, become a CNF volunteer by visiting