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Jon Bridgers, the creator and founder of the Facebook group Cajun Navy 2016, was arrested on May 16th, 2018 being accused of defrauding a flood survivor in the process of rebuilding their home. Jon Bridgers was taken into custody by the sheriff’s department for accepting payment for work he did not complete. And for operating without a contractor’s license.

Jon Bridgers founder of Cajun Navy 2016 arrested for fraud.

We are putting this article out there for several reasons. First, because there are multiple Cajun Navy organizations we feel the need to clarify that Jon’s organization, Cajun Navy 2016, is not affiliated with ours, Cajun Relief. Secondly, Jon and the Cajun Relief Foundation founder have both been recognized by the media as founders of the Cajun Navy and we prefer to head off confusion by clarifying the difference between our organizations. Third, we sympathize with victims who are taken advantage of regardless of the stature of the perpetrator in the community. Jon accepted $51,297 but failed to complete the work. This is unacceptable behavior and should be made public. Fraud is an enormous problem after a disaster and we pray the victim gets the resolution they deserve.

Jon Bridgers was selected by President Trump to represent the Cajun Navy at the State of the Union Address in earlier 2018. With this honor comes a great responsibility to the victims of the 2016 floods to not take advantage of your position by defrauding them. Full article on WAFB.

Jon and Lori Bridgers meeting with President Trump a month before being arrested for defrauding Louisiana flood victims.