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Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, is urged to make yet another proof-of-loss extension request for insured homeowners impacted by the Louisiana flood in August, 2016.

A request for extension to FEMA would allow flooded Louisiana homeowners to provide proof-of-loss past the current deadline, May 10. Without another extension, thousands of effected policyholders could get denied insurance money for flood damaged property.

Proof-of-loss forms allow insured homeowners to collect money based on the depreciated value of their damaged property versus the cost of fixing or rebuilding it. Insurance companies do not compensate payments until receiving proof of repairs, or receipts. This deadline is burdensome when thousands of effected homes are still nowhere close to rebuilt. Additionally, many covered homeowners are uninformed that such a flood insurance deadline exists.

A granted extension would add to the already 270 days that policyholders have had to provide proof-of-loss to their insurance company. Donelon is aware of the effects of the flood, as he has employees in the Baton Rouge area who are in the stressful process of rebuilding.

The Louisiana Department of Insurance can be contacted here: (225) 342–5900 to file a proof-of-loss form. Homeowners who call are urged to request an extension of the deadline.