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Dawn is breaking in the wake of Hurricane Michael, and Cajun Navy Foundation volunteers are gearing up for the day. Dispatchers continue to receive multiple requests for assistance in areas affected by the storm. With electricity out and phone lines and cell service down in many locations, many of the requests are from people who have been unable to reach family members, and others from people in need of being rescued.

While CNF is diligently working behind the scenes to coordinate rescue efforts and wellness checks for those families, dispatchers want to get the word out that all requests must be made by first visiting This is the platform used by CNF to collect information to be used confidentially to conduct rescue efforts, wellness checks and other requests.

The initial greatest priority for CNF boots on the ground will be assisting with life-threatening rescues. After that, wellness checks can be performed. CNF will continue to take rescue requests and will be able to attend to them as soon as they get a green light to put boots on the ground. As information comes in, volunteers will continue to post updates on social media.

“Our website,, is a landing zone for all volunteers, as well as for victims,” said CNF Co-Director Shannon Savee. “Victims can actually go on there and take photos of their houses and upload them, let us know of the exact damage; and then we can band together volunteers, contractors, and that kind of thing and help them in the recovery process.”

Savee continued, “If you hear of anybody that’s been affected, please send them to They will be able to register their homes and track the progress, as well. We do help volunteers for the muck out process, for rebuild and all the way to the end. There are seven steps in recovery. We make sure that people get back into their houses, not just get rescued from waters.”

For all requests or to volunteer, visit