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The Cajun Navy Foundation team does more than rescue people and provide immediate needs in the midst of a disaster. After the dust settles, the focus shifts from survival to a transitional stage that may last for days, weeks or months. This could involve temporary housing, navigating FEMA and completing insurance paperwork. During this time, CNF knows that survivors want to rebuild their homes quickly and efficiently. While red tape, paperwork and delayed response time from some disaster organizations can slow down the recovery process, CNF envisions a more logical, streamlined reality for citizens.

Those who want to rebuild their home can begin the recovery process by visiting and adding a home profile to track and share their family’s home as well as their personal recovery process. They can also acquire the things they need to rebuild and refurnish their home by sending the Cajun Navy Foundation team requests for supplies after the disaster. CNF will help locate the needed items.

Cajun Navy Foundation believes that local citizen-led engagement is fundamental, and that funds raised during a disaster should be used for the entire recovery of the disaster by those within the community. As families begin the process of rebuilding their homes and lives, they can use the CrowdRelief Crowdfunding platform. CrowdRelief tells your story to the world and allows others to help with the important things you will need to replenish your home. A non-profit in your community will help with this stage.

Whether you need help rebuilding a home, you need to request a rescue or request supplies; or if you would like to volunteer, donate or send supplies, please visit