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Cajun Navy Foundation understands that pets are an integral part of home and family life for many people they reach out to help. When decisions have to be made about evacuation, our hopes are that no one will stay in an unsafe situation because of pet concerns. If it is time to evacuate, CNF volunteers will help with your furry friends; and if the situation involves a pet in need of rescue, they will assist with that, as well.

CNF volunteer Marleen Hugo has been working with animal rescues after disasters for many years, since Hurricane Katrina; but she just recently came on board to partner with Cajun Navy Foundation. Going way above and beyond her call of duty, Marleen continued her animal work even when she was without power at her home in North Carolina after Hurricane Michael. She also assists with social media.

Marleen said that she decided to volunteer with Cajun Navy Foundation because they seem like a good group of people with the right mindset. Before this, she had always worked independently.

“So far, what I have been doing has mostly still been in North Carolina and South Carolina, as I have still been handling the backend of Florence,” began Marleen. “North Carolina got hit again with Michael, and we had some more clean-up to do for that. I am currently making the contacts I would need for working in Florida. Since many of them represent their own organizations, I am still looking for people to work independently with Cajun Navy Foundation.”

Marleen said that her main goal is to reunite pets and owners after disasters. However, she also gets involved before the hurricane hits; getting animals moved from shelters out of the crisis zone to a safe zone. Also, right after the hurricane, many shelters suffer damage. Then animals need to get moved out of those shelters again. Marleen works with a whole network of people, and has many contacts in both South Carolina and North Carolina.

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