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Cajun Navy Foundation’s citizen volunteers know first-hand that there is no act of kindness that is ever too small. In one recent conversation on the group’s Zello channel, it is evident that hope can take root in the slightest of thoughtful gestures. What seems minor at the time can mean the world to a family member who has lost contact with a loved one during and in the days following a disaster.

During the Zello conversation, some of the citizen volunteers were discussing the occurrences of the day. One of them, along with other boots on the ground, had taken the time to walk house to house collecting phone numbers of family members. Later, once she had good “calling out” mobile service again, she reached out to a son in Pennsylvania (of one of the family members she had met in a disaster area). She told him that his mother was safe. The woman’s son had not known until that moment that she was even still alive. He cried, relieved by the news. He was more than thankful for the act of kindness, and it certainly brightened the volunteer’s day. 

CNF Dispatcher Jamie, touched by the story, responded.

“I’m going to cry,” began Jamie. “I wish that everybody would do that because that’s the scariest thing. There are so many people, they just need to know that their people are ok – their friends, their family. So what you did is beyond amazing. You are an angel.”

CNF volunteer Eric added, “Sometimes in life we get busy and caught up in everyday life; and just the little things like that – checking on our neighbors, the elderly and things like that – just going the extra mile means so much, you know. There are people out there that just need that, and something like that can go a long, long way.”

The conversation concluded with a prayer by Greg, a volunteer who prays on Zello every day. Greg began with thankfulness for the good news. Then he prayed for help for CNF volunteers, moment by moment and minute by minute; for provision, nourishment and sustenance; and finally, for guidance to get the CNF volunteers to the people that need their help.

Please visit if you would like to volunteer or if you need assistance.