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Why volunteer?

Cajun Navy Foundation operates under a system of belief that citizen-led efforts can deliver efficient and effective relief to people affected by disasters. These efforts require a network of volunteers who come to us with diverse backgrounds, talents and abilities. We do our best to ensure that the volunteers are properly vetted and placed in roles where they are most comfortable and well-suited.

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some may see it as a chance to give back to their community or to somehow make a difference. Other volunteers may set out to connect with others or to build on their knowledge and experience. Whatever the reasons, they are people who reach out to help without expectations of financial or social gain; donating their efforts and time to a common cause.

Who are the CNF volunteers?

When a volunteer has a passion for a cause and believes in an organization’s mission, commitment comes naturally. People actually believe in what Cajun Navy Foundation stands for. This kind of inner motivation can be seen in the daily interactions among the current team of volunteers. While each person brings their own unique skills and experiences to any given role, they appreciate and embrace each other’s differences. Working together provides a collective strength that can only be achieved as a team.

Organizations such as CNF tend to attract volunteers who are driven by results. They might be found participating in worthwhile fundraising efforts or working to attract more volunteers. The volunteers are passionate in their beliefs and always looking for innovative ways for their team to expand on future opportunities. They have a collaborative mindset, always cultivating partnerships, solving problems and engaging in efforts to carry the team forward. As steadfast champions to CNF’s cause, these volunteers integrate the purpose, enthusiasm and energy for the team’s mission into their everyday lives.

A group of dynamic volunteers can have a uniting impact on the community. By combining effective leadership with strong communication skills and a simple desire to help, the CNF team of volunteers work together to provide unmet needs and make a difference in the world.

What should a prospective                volunteer consider?

It is important for each volunteer to remember that one person can only do so much, and to be satisfied with that knowledge at the end of the day. When seeking disaster relief volunteer opportunities, there are emotional risks that should be considered.

Problems can arise when people get involved in an organization for the wrong reasons, with the wrong motives or at the wrong time. In a disaster relief organization, some volunteers will inevitably face emotionally traumatic situations. In some cases, a circumstance may strike too close to home or otherwise become psychologically and emotionally overwhelming for those trying to help a disaster victim.

PTSD is not uncommon for some volunteers, particularly if they have not had previous experience with the emotional extremes associated with disasters. It might be difficult to return and relate to the world as you knew it before, as disaster situations tend to change people’s perspectives. It can cause some to act out in ways they would not normally react, causing further harm.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

One person can contribute to the greater good and accomplish more when partnered with an organization they can believe in and commit to. Cajun Navy Foundation uses an organized system to connect volunteers with those in need, with the help of technology and a citizen-led platform, CrowdRelief. CNF volunteers are essentially neighbors helping neighbors in the most difficult of circumstances.

Each volunteer comes in with their own contributions, and pulling together as a team, we can make a world of difference to the people who need it most.

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