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Texas Navy 2017 would like to thank every single person who has worked with us to perform citizen-led rescue operations over the last 8 days. The remarkable efforts of the core Texas Navy team, the members of our Zello channel, our Facebook networks and the entire ecosystem of the relief effort leaves us in awe.

The Texas Navy team did not exist a mere week ago. Since then, a group of strangers organically formed and created a core incident command center. The center consists of citizens with laptops stationed around the country and globe who created intake systems and dispatch teams that have operated behind the scenes since the beginning of the flood.

The team formed because they were allowed to fail and eventually fall into natural roles. The open nature of our group led us to effortlessly dispatch over 5500 calls for help. These calls have been dispatched to multiple organizations including Texas Navy boaters, Cajun Navy boaters, Team Rubicon, the Coast Guard and many others.

The model for the Texas Navy was formed organically based on the knowledge learned from the August 2016 disastrous flooding in Louisiana which resulted in 150,000 homes being flooded. For those in Louisiana who are still struggling, you remain in our prayers and we have not forgotten about you.

The lessons learned from Rob Gaudet’s experience with the Cajun Navy and his eventual founding of the Cajun Relief Foundation last year were replicated here and resulted in the Texas Navy. Rob’s organization remained engaged after the flood water receded and they served the community non-stop until Harvey. Now, everyday citizens working from laptops and cellphones have become part of a global phenomenon that has preformed feats unprecedented in human history. If you consider the efficiency and results of the effort that arose from these technology savvy and creative individuals, you’ll come to realize the heart truly is bigger than the wallet.

And the Texas Navy is not done.

In fact, as the saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Our team has spent the last two days re-tooling our skill set to move into the next phase of disaster relief. The Texas Navy ecosystem is now engaged in all layers of the relief effort. Which includes efforts such as managing the dispatch of over a dozen planes from New Orleans, coordinating local supply runs and connecting local Texans who offer their homes with volunteers who need rest and might want to experience a little Texas hospitality. Our goal is to bring hope to affected Texans and volunteers.


First join Texas Navy 2017 Facebook page. @texasnavy
Second encourage your friends to join by sharing this post.
Thirdly, the Texas Navy need volunteers. We need a lot of them.

Who is the Texas Navy? The core team currently consists of 7 “tried by fire” leaders who’ve put in the effort and built the Texas Navy from the ground up. Join us and engage to experience how remarkable these leaders are. They’ve proven that they have the grit and will show up, that they know how to lead and that they know how to be big. The teams consist of Rescue, Relief, Hospitality, Social Media, Public Liaison and we have one critical position open. Volunteer Coordinator.

Specifically right now we need an HR Professional to recruit for the other departments. The volunteer coordinator must have Human Resources experience recruiting for non-profits, be a dynamic leader who can operate in chaos and who is prepared to be paid in hugs. This person would join our core Leadership Team. We are also seeking people with logistics experience to work a 3.5 hour shift helping to coordinate supply runs coming in from around the country. *Logistics Experience is the only requirement.

Thank you America and God Bless Texas.


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