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Cajun Navy Foundation Dispatchers are doing everything in their power to vet new volunteers into their system and to send crews into the disaster areas following Hurricane Michael. However, trees, downed power lines and debris have rendered roads impassable. Crews are working on helping to clear the way so that they can respond to the many needs in the affected  areas. For those who have submitted requests for rescue or wellness checks, CNF is working behind the scenes and will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Manpower to help clean up debris and to operate heavy equipment will be needed as crews make their way into the affected areas. Some who have already reached out to CNF are on their way with their own trucks, bringing what supplies they can fill their trucks with. Others are bringing chainsaws or donating them. Fuel, chainsaws, bar oil, chain saw chains, front end loaders and basic construction heavy equipment are needed, as well. Water and Gatorade are other supplies that can be donated.

CNF also needs people to help with the volunteers themselves. Hospitality that includes feeding and housing them or even just letting them take a shower is a simple but important way to reach out to those assisting with recovery efforts.

Once the rescues have taken place, CNF will transition to needing supplies. At times like this, people often try to help by cleaning out their closets. However, CNF does not have the resources to clean and distribute this type of donations. Other organizations are better equipped to accept clothing items. Only new underwear and socks of all sizes can be accepted, and gift cards for clothing is another option.

Urgent donation needs include mosquito spray, masks and contractor bags. The following items are in demand, as well: baby items, non-perishable foods, paper products, plastic utensils, adult diapers, cleaning supplies (one gallon jugs of bleach, white vinegar, Dawn dish detergent, borax, baking soda, laundry detergent, Lysol spray, cleaning rags, rubber gloves, scrub brushes and five gallon buckets), flat edge shovels, pet items, pry bars and hammers.

If you would like to volunteer with Cajun Navy Foundation, or if you would like to request or send supplies, please visit