• We are planning our first ever Cajun Relief Foundation 2018 Calendar! More information will be coming soon.
• Agenda has been posted for our 1st Offsite on 10/20
• If you have anyone that is interested in volunteering with us, please be aware of the process of onboarding:
o Any volunteer MUST be vetted by Melissa. Please send her the person’s Name, Phone number and Email address and she will contact them as soon as she is able.
o All volunteers must go to to register to be a volunteer
o Once Melissa approves, and we have the volunteer in our system, Anoukin needs to know. Anoukin will then send the Non-disclosure document to the person.
o Once the NDA is signed and returned, Anoukin will setup the volunteer’s email address and give them access to Workplace, as approved by Rob and Melissa
o Volunteers will then be turned over to Tarah for intake training or to another lead for training in that area
• Also our event with the Littles is coming up on 10/22. Please go and like the event and share!
• If you are on LinkedIn, please go and connect with our page: The Cajun Relief Foundation
• Our shop is up and running. People can buy car decals, t-shirts and Ms. Donna’s print. Please try to get people to our website so they can buy!!

Operational Updates:
Strategic Partnerships Updates
• Thank you Maredith! New blogs have been posted.
• Roseland Oil and Gas Convention is going on now and we are there!
• We are now officially working with CrisisCleanup and we are very excited for this partnership.
• We are still recruiting Volunteers in Houston, Baton Rouge and South Florida. If you know of people that are Mobile Developers, Graphic Designers and WordPress developers- WE NEED THEM ASAP. Please have them go and let Rob know so he can vet them.
• We are thrilled to be working with Kohl’s department stores on an amazing relief effort for Houston!! We will be out on 10/23 in Houston at 2 locations. Location information is has been submitted to Kohls. We are working supplies and organizing all efforts.
o Conferenced with Elizabeth from Kohls. Monday Oct. 23rd has been confirmed as the date for the rebuild with their volunteers
• We are VERY EXCITED to announce that we won a $5000 grant from Vocal Minority! Hopefully we have more grant/ donations coming soon!!
• We are very excited to announce that we are partnered with Roseland Oil and Gas!! Expo is next week and the team is prepping.
• We are always looking for more corporate partners. Please let Aschley know of any ideas you may have. Update/ Technology Update
• Check out our updated home page:
• We have updated our Cajun Relief in the News page on our website- go check it out!
• Workplace BOT is being researched. Looking good so far- more details to come soon.
• We are looking into an SMS partner. We want to be able to send out announcements and updates to our followers. Taylor is working on this and should have an update soon!
Field Operations Update- Bill Holmberg
Bill and team need funding to continue. If you know anyone that can help, please direct them to our donate page: