• As a reminder- please use your email addresses for all communication. These will auto-forward to your main mail account but we want to be all about Cajun Relief
  • As a reminder that Tarah is our intake trainer- if you have any questions about how to do intake- Tarah is the person to reach.
    • If you have anyone that is interested in volunteering with us, please be aware of the process of onboarding:
      • Any volunteer MUST be vetted by Melissa. Please send her the person’s Name, Phone number and Email address and she will contact them as soon as she is able.
      • All volunteers must go to to register to be a volunteer
      • Once Melissa approves, and we have the volunteer in our system, Anoukin needs to know. Anoukin will then send the Non-disclosure document to the person.
      • Once the NDA is signed and returned, Anoukin will setup the volunteer’s email address and give them access to Workplace, as approved by Rob and Melissa
      • Volunteers will then be turned over to Tarah for intake training or to another lead for training in that area
    • We have 2 events going on- please go to our FB page and like both events, mark yourself as interested and share, share, share!
    • If you are on Linkedin, please go and connect with our page: The Cajun Relief Foundation
    • Our shop is up and running. People can buy car decals, t-shirts and Ms. Donna’s print. Please try to get people to our website so they can buy!!


Operational Updates:

Strategic Partnerships Updates

  • We are working on getting our call center setup again- along with business cards for the case managers and cards to be handed out to victims
  • Melissa has been recruiting volunteers- we have two we are working on for BR, we need some in Houston- so if you know of anyone ping Melissa
  • Melissa has also been trying to price list together for tents for Bill out in the Keys
  • Melissa has been working on setting up campaigns in the system. We have 23 that we need to re-open and get working here in the BR area. People that were affected by the 2016 floods have still not recovered.
  • We are very excited to announce that we are partnered with Roseland Oil and Gas!! This is a big opportunity and big props to Aschley for making the connection!
    • Denny is the Owner of Roseland Oil and Gas and will be joining our board!
    • Convention and Tradeshow is 10/17-18 in Midland, TX. This event will also benefit us- we will have a booth, etc.
    • Looking at scheduling more shows with Roseland Update

  • Brock is working on re-doing the main page of the website. You all saw Rob’s idea and Brock is working to implement those changes

Team + Tiger Update

  • We are now established in Puerto Rico- working with Tiger we now have a presence.
    • They are trying to get different airports going for all the supplies. All the goods and pallets are sitting in one place- Tiger is concerned- Rebecca is looking at a volunteer group of CDL drivers to help move the goods. Last update it wasn’t clear what was available but San Juan is packed. Traffic is horrible. If we can get things transported closer to Ponce we can have better luck of get our supplies dispersed.
    • Chris has a place where we can fly supplies in- more information to come.

Field Operations Update

  • Bill will start updating us tomorrow.

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