Connect Live With Cajun Navy Foundation

Reach out to individual members of the Cajun Relief Foundation team with the Zello walkie talkie app. Zello is a software tool that has been instrumental in the foundation’s relief efforts in Louisiana, Texas and Florida as it allows direct communication on smartphones and other devices between relief workers and individuals in need.

First Name Zello ID
Anoukin Hermes Anoukin
Aschley Mansell AschMansell
Bill Holmberg grunt-rescue

Chelsie Miller


Jason Dotson jdotson2017
Keith Anderson Keith_A_TexasNavy
Kimm Silveus kSilve
Maredith Roberts MaredithR
Melissa Adair sirenBFC1
Michelle Szinavel Chewy2017
Rob Gaudet rgeaux
Ruby Kinsfather Queen1959
Ryan Ghering rghering
Shawn Alexander shagadow11
Tarah Fagan Tarah_Love
Taylor Elwell taylorelwell
Teri Lynne Baxter tlynne22
Tiffani Stubblefield tiffanistubblefield
Windy Boudreaux windygaga
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  • Texas Channel: Cajun Relief – Texas
  • Florida Channel: Cajun Relief – Florida

(Message a team member for our after hours channel.)