In the midst of great tragedy and destruction it is reassuring to know that there are those among us who will step up to help others. People who will leave their homes and drive great distances because they see others in need. They sacrifice sleep, food and personal comfort to bring relief to those trying to put their lives back together. One such person is Bill Holmberg from Springfield,Illinois.


Bill is a general contractor, former EMS, and a veteran who, like many of us, watched the wrath of Irma unfold on the state of Florida.  Knowing many would be in dire need in the aftermath of this storm, he loaded his jeep with supplies and drove for two days and landed in Marathon, Florida.  The scene there was one of complete chaos.  Roads were impassable with debris.  Power outages were rampant.  Displaced people flocked to hotels along with military and EMS support.  Conference rooms were turned into makeshift barracks.


Understanding emergency services would be overwhelmed, Bill sprang into action connecting with anyone who was willing to help and organized a team on the ground.  They did damage assessment for days and worked diligently to identify needs in the affected area.


Though connections he was able to make and with the support of the Cajun Relief Foundation, Bill has been able to move mountains for many of the school children in Marathon.  From shoes, to notebooks, to backpacks, this “Man in the white Jeep” who comes bearing Oreos, is a hero to many in this community.  


Bill didn’t wait to be told what to do.  He simply packed up his car and drove south.  He saw a need and knew he had the skills to help.  Connecting with Cajun Relief Foundation, that fosters citizen-led relief, has afforded him the opportunity to scale his recovery efforts and identify and meet even more needs.  He leads from the heart and is driven by a passion to serve. Bill is truly making a difference in the lives of many in this Island community.


To learn more about how to get involved with Citizen-Led relief, sign up to volunteer at and we’ll add you to the list of great American heroes, like Bill.

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