There are so many amazing, grass-roots organizations that jump to service whenever disaster strikes. Each group has a special offering and is integral in making a difference and rebuilding a community. Countless volunteers man these entities donating their time, effort, supplies, and capital to help those in desperate need. The mission of the Cajun-Relief Foundation it to, as a team, serve the citizens helping other citizens. We are working to ensure that organic, citizen-led disaster relief receives the support necessary to continue helping victims of disasters.

Just like any other non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the support of volunteers and donors. Without manpower and financial support, we would not be able to continue to support the relief efforts in the same manner we have been able to accomplish over the last few months. We recently received a generous from Vocal Minority and wanted to take a moment to thank them and highlight their contribution.

Disheartened with the quick uptick in harassment of disenfranchised minority groups in the recent past, the members of Vocal Minority came together to create a way to assist various groups that directly work to respond to such situations and quell injustice and inequality. The organization collects monthly donations from their members. Each month, they select a specific need and a non-profit based on three criteria. Vocal Minority then pools their resources and make a grant to that organization.

Their website states: “We believe that together, we are stronger than the hate that threatens us. We believe that community and sacrifice are the heart of America. We believe that we all stand together,

and we must stand with all of those whose rights and wellbeing are being threatened.”

We also believe that we are stronger together. The effects of the citizen-led relief effort

have shown to be extraordinarily effective. By working together, local citizens and non-profits, hand in hand can quickly help those impacted and work towards rebuilding homes and lives.

Vocal Minority, we are honored to the recipient of your generous grant, because of donors like you, we are able to continue to serve those on the ground. From everyone at the Cajun Relief Foundation, thank you.