Charles and Vicki Kelley assisted with relief efforts in Texas during Tropical Storm Imelda.

Cajun Navy volunteer Vicki Kelley has lived in southeast Texas the majority of her adult life. This means she is accustomed to hurricanes and the devastation they can bring. In 2017 during Hurricane Harvey, she heard of all the good work the Cajun Navy was doing in her area assisting those in need.

Vicki thoroughly enjoys being involved with nonprofits and being able to give back to others in any way she can. In fact, she believes in living by this quote by Mother Theresa. It reads, “If each of us would only sweep our own doorstop, the whole world would be clean.”

“I feel like volunteerism is a way of sweeping my own doorstep,” said Kelley. We all have needed a hand up at times, and I’m proud to be a part of an organization that lends that helping hand.”

Vicki has been on the Board of Nonprofits in the past, as well as served in a volunteer capacity. She is continually looking at ways she can give back to others by utilizing her own personal strengths. Her background is in human resources and training, as well as sales.

As a Cajun Navy Foundation volunteer, Vicki’s current focus is on making training videos for the CrowdRelief and Noggin, as well as business development/sales to promote CrowdRelief. During storms, she also assists with vetting survivors. Most recently in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Imelda, Vicki was able to help with relief efforts in Texas by distributing supplies. Her husband, Charles, has also recently joined as a Cajun Navy volunteer and helped during Imelda.

“I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a volunteer with the Cajun Navy Foundation during Hurricane Michael in 2018, and have been committed to the organization ever since. So many people think the Cajun Navy is just “men in boats,” but it is so much more. It takes volunteers of all types to fulfill all the needs of the nonprofit,” said Vicki.