The Cajun Navy is reaching out to potential volunteers to organize for response to Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura. With current incoming requests for sandbags by some residents in the paths of these storms, we are calling for individuals who can help fill this need. As the storms approach, we expect the need for assistance to increase. At this time, we are asking for anyone who would like to volunteer to help with sandbags or help in some other capacity comment below or message us.

Cajun Navy Foundation has a variety of volunteer positions that need to be filled. Volunteers who have extensive experience with dispatch, social media, Zello and those with excellent communication skills are especially needed. The organization requires volunteers in dispatch positions to go through a background check and perform a basic telephone interview process with the volunteer intake team to determine if they meet certain requirements.

Unlike the other Cajun Navy groups, who limit their scope to direct action on the ground, the Cajun Navy Foundation is an action-oriented think tank consisting of a diverse group of technology, social media, disaster relief and rescue professionals. Our objective is to empower communities across the country with the knowledge of how to use technology, social media and mobile apps to take action in their own communities in the midst and aftermath of a disaster. We are working together to understand how to fill the gaps during the chaos of disaster and respond more quickly than authorities are typically able to. In the aftermath, our greatest opportunities lie in rebuild and recovery efforts.

As we continue to learn from experience and adapt along with the ever-emerging nature of technology, we recognize that our volunteers are our greatest assets. With extensive and diverse backgrounds, skill sets, strengths, gifts and abilities, we strive to maximize our collective impact by engaging volunteers where they are most needed. In our organization, people bring their talents to the table and use them in ways that compliment one another.

Please visit this Google Forms link or send us a message if you are interested in volunteering.

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