Offering a helping hand to people still in need as the cleanup continues following disasters in the United States has never been easier with the aid of the new and constantly improving CROWDRELIEF platform.

Simply visit the VOLUNTEER page on to get started. Once you fill out some basic information about yourself and create your volunteer account, a lead case worker will contact you as soon as possible to get the info you need to take to the streets of flood-stricken communities.

The CrowdRelief platform is a volunteer-driven web application that is geared toward helping neighbors help other neighbors in getting back to normalcy following natural disasters. Dozens of volunteer case workers, photographers and other volunteers have been the engine that has made CrowdRelief’s test run such a great success in bringing relief and raising awareness.

However, it’s not too late join the cause. More information about the CrowdRelief platform, who maintains it and how it works is available at